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A European Strategy for Gender Equality : Combating Discrimination in the Workplace and Beyond

Wednesday 20th April 2016

NH Brussels Carrefour de l’Europe, Brussels


Mary Collins
Policy Officer
European Women’s Lobby

Gender equality is a fundamental right recognised by the Treaty of Rome in 1957 as well as by the EU Charter of Fundamental Rights. The promotion of gender equality is therefore not only essential from a human rights perspective, but also makes sense from an economic viewpoint. It means equal access to resources, as well as empowerment and visibility of both women and men in all spheres of public and private life.

This timely symposium provides an invaluable opportunity to discuss the latest developments in combating gender-based discrimination at European level. The symposium will explore how social, cultural and political obstacles can be overcome in order to implement innovative policies that will put an end to gender discrimination in the workplace and in society. Public Policy Exchange welcomes the participation of all key partners, responsible authorities and stakeholders. The Symposium will support the exchange of ideas and encourage delegates to engage in thought-provoking topical debate.

Delegates will:

* Share comparative knowledge on gender-based discrimination, violence and harassment by raising awareness of current challenges in Europe
* Explore innovative solutions to fight the causes of gender inequalities at work and beyond
* Promote measures to enhance the potential of women entrepreneurs

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